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4 Ways to Fall in Love with Exercise: Part 4

I trust that the last three articles you’ve read in this series have been helping you on the path toward falling in love with fitness. How has it been for you? I’m exited for you as we conclude this blog series and you become even more equipped to be a fitter and healthier individual.

#4: Make it Yours

In the previous article, I eluded to what you should do if the gym class you attend is way too difficult for you. If it’s not on your level, then either find a different exercise to do, ask the instructor if there’s a less advanced class, or ask him/her if you can take it a bit more relaxed in the next session. If this facilitator is a good facilitator like the ones we have at Body 20, he/she will understand where you're coming from and will possibly suggest easier or different ways for you to improve so that you can reach a higher level in the future without needing to give up on the class.

The next piece of advice is way easier said than done, but it’s to stop comparing yourself to other people. Remember that everyone who is stronger and fitter than you has probably invested a huge amount of time and energy into their exercise. Start to view yourself as the learner and improver, rather than the rooky, weakling, or fatso. Build your identity around that. Play the long game and view your fitness journey as an investment rather than a competition. If your satisfaction from training is from improvement rather than just results, then it will be easier to gain satisfaction. You are competing with only one person, and that’s the you from the past. There’s nothing like the feeling of lifting weights that you previously couldn’t lift or running that 5k without your lungs burning as much as they did a month ago. If looking at the Instagram photos of chiselled models discourages you, stop following them for now and focus more on your path.

Don’t expect exercise to make you happy but expect it to make you feel fulfilled instead. Remember that a life well lived is not one that is easy or always fun, but one in which we are faced with daily pain, but are well trained and equipped to overcome it regularly, and go from strength to strength in the process. If you can do this, your fitness journey will be one of genuine reward and deep fulfilment. Here’s to the start of your love story.

Thanks for reading part-four of this blog series on how to fall in love with exercise. Be sure to look out for our next article next week. In the meantime, let us know what you thought of this article. If you have any suggestions for future articles, drop us an email at We’d love to connect with you.

Keep Growing

Dave Roebuck

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